Friday, December 8, 2017


Quick Background:
I work for the state and do in-home RN work at the moment. I just have one patient that I currently work with for 30+ hours a week. I rarely work alongside my other nurse co-workers, because we are all on different shifts, but during hand-off I've gotten to know them and have become good friends with them.

The Story:
I woke up one morning and one of my co-workers had called me.
She was wondering if I could come to work for a few hours and help her transport our patient to the urgent care.
It was not an emergency so she did not want to call the ambulance and our patients mom had pneumonia and couldn't drive.
So I hopped out of bed, dressed in my normal clothes, and went over to help her load our patient into the van. 
While at urgent care our patient needed to get x-rays.
The x-ray room was a bit crowded and the x-ray tech looked right at me and said, "We only need (insert patients name) nurse in here. You can go wait in the lobby." I didn't really think anything about the request, because technically my co-worker was the on-duty nurse at the time. When I was walking out I heard my co-worker say, "You know she is (insert patients name) nurse. She's an RN." 
A few minutes later that tech had to walk out into the lobby and asked if I could help them. 

Moral of the Story:
Don't judge a book by its cover! I'm so tired of older generations putting people into boxes. You're allowed to wear Chuck Taylor's, purple skinny jeans, have piercings, and tattoo's and a still be a nurse or any kind of professional. Who would have thought that?! 

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