Saturday, June 30, 2018

Door County: 23

Unfortunately, we cannot stop time, which means that Victoria and I are going to have to figure out how to get over our fear of aging. For the big 2-3 Victoria decided that she wanted to head to Door County for the day with myself, Shawn, Olivia and Karla Jean!

We started off the day eating egg bake and downing a few mimosas.
I mention the egg bake, because I made it and I'm pretty proud of how it turned out!
We all grabbed a straw hat, piled into the Jeep, blasted the radio, and headed off to Door County.

Our first stop was Cave Point, which is our go-to spot when we head to Door County. My mom had never been there and loved it! It was a bit windy, which made the water really choppy, but the view never gets old! The water was so cold, but Shawn and Olivia decided to wade into the water anyway.

After Cave Point, we drove around for a while. We stopped at this abandoned old farm house and found that the door was open. So we trespassed and gave ourselves a tour! We found an old newspaper from 1966. The house had a ton of potential and I found it a bit sad that it was abandoned. 

Our next stop was the beach!
We laid out our towels and cracked open our alcoholic beverages. 
Victoria and Olivia found an inflatable pool float in the grass, which we claimed as our own.
The water was a bit cold, but not as cold as it was at Cave Point!
I actually ventured out and enjoyed the water for a bit. 

At one point, I looked into the distance and noticed that someone had hung up a hammock between two trees up on the hill. I then noticed that the hammock looked familiar and the person hanging out in it was my mom. So we brought the party from the beach to the hill.
We were joking around and laughing when all of a sudden Olivia started to roll down the hill and rolled right into a cars bumper. Olivia and the bumper ended up being fine! We were all dying of laughter about the situation when all of a sudden some lady in her late 20's/ early 30's walks up and tells Olivia to be more careful next time as she checks out of the bumper. What were the chances that she would roll into a car who's owner was watching? Also, what bitch cares more about the well-being of a care than a human? And did she really think there was going to be a next time?
Her boyfriend tried to diffuse the situation and I offered her the opportunity to roll into our car.

An older lady and her man friend (her exact words) walked up to their car, which was next to the one that Olivia rolled into. We complemented the ladies swimsuit and then told her the funny story about the car rolling incident. She found it funny! We soon decided that it was time to eat and got food at a restaurant close by and then headed back home. We had plans to go out that night with some other friends, but day drinking can be tricky to balance with night drinking. We got back home and Victoria was not feeling up to going out. We decided to head to Shawn's house instead for a more low key night. Victoria puked in the Stein's parking lot on the way, but that seemed to be her saving grace for night drinking. 

Luke joined the group at Shawn's house.
We drank on the porch and went skinny dipping in Shawn's pool.
At one point, Victoria wanted to see if I could fit into a rolling suitcase.
I was fucked up so of course I tried and I actually fit!
She zipped me up, rolled me out to the boys, and then dropped me!
Someone unzipped the suitcase and I popped up with a lovely gash on my forehead.
Thanks, Victoria!
Later in the evening Shawn tripped and fell right into the sliding glass door. 
We were just a bunch of hot messes that night!

I know the day was suppose to be focused on Victoria, but the highlight of the day for me was my moms presence. She's such a quirky human and she fits in so well with my friends. I love seeing my friends love on my mom and vice versa. Everyone but my mom was drinking, yet you would not have been able to tell a difference. She was laughing and adding to the conversation the entire day. Later on she said that she felt like she was back in time running around with her friends. 
It made my heart really happy and I am thankful that Victoria thought to include her. 

Back to Victoria:
Holy shit! You're 23. I feel like it was just yesterday that we were running around the playground in elementary school. I am so grateful that the world is our playground now and that we are still running around together after all of these years. You're a special human being with a beautiful zest for life. I know you are going to take full advantage of life and everything that it offers! Happy Birthday, baby cakes!

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