Wednesday, July 18, 2018


I cannot believe that I am 23. 
I will probably be in denial about how old I am for the rest of my life.
My parents took me out for a fancy dinner the night before my birthday and then I dragged my little sister to see "Will You Be My Neighbor." I cried like a baby throughout that entire documentary about Mr. Rogers. I highly recommend it!
I spent my last moments of being 22 at a bar with Sydney wondering if Victoria was dead in a ditch, in jail, or had simply fallen asleep. When I found out she was alive and not behind bars I dragged Sydney to the grocery store for breakfast supplies. 23 year olds do their grocery shopping at 1 am, fyi.

The next morning I woke up on the top of a bunk bed. Victoria claimed bottom bunk.
I definitely thought I would be more of an adult at this point in my life.
My sister, Taylor, Sydney, Victoria, and I then drove to the Wolf River for a day of drinking and floating down the river.

The water was super low and I swear we hit every rock possible.
Victoria, Sydney, and I were absolutely no help when our tubes got stuck and Taylor was always saving the day. Thanks, Taylor!

At the end of the tubing run we just hung out in the water. 
Victoria and I are always getting cheesy with our friends and insist on complimenting each other all the time. I decided to force everyone in the group to say something nice about the person to the left and to the right of them. Victoria cried when she gave me a compliment. 

On the way back home we stopped at a small town diner.
We ordered so much food!
Our waitress kept laughing about our weird assortment of food.
We left her a good tip!
We lounged for a few hours at home and Sarah joined up with us!
I had my sister drive us ladies to C Street to continue the shenanigans. 
Clair, Shawn, Lesley, Alli, Jade, and Blake all came out and I was feeling so loved!
My favorite part of the night was when we all put a ton of different songs on the jukebox and stood in a circle and danced. C Street is a small bar and not one you typically dance at, but we did not care. It was so much fun jumping around and showing off our ridiculously white dance moves. We were all overly enthusiastic about everyone's skills and I loved every moment of it.

C Street has free popcorn and I kept feeding everyone a single piece of popcorn in return for a kiss. 
I couldn't even tell you why and I appreciate the fact that every single friend participated without a question. Near the end of the night I heard that Alli and Lesley had never been on the roof of C Street. I mean technically no one should be on the roof and it involves a lot of climbing that drunk people should not be attempting. I wanted them to experience it! So Alli, Lesley, and Sarah gave into my drunk birthday request to climb up with me. It was fun! We were up there for a while, until the bartender found out and demanded we return to ground level.
We all headed home soon after that!

I ended my night at home surrounded by three of my favorite people.
My first day of being 23 was really great and I hope that it is a sign of what the rest of 23 has in store.

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