Friday, July 13, 2018

Dirty 30

Lesley and Ryan were on their way home from Mackinac Island, while Rachel, Alli, Victoria, and I were in their house preparing for Lesley's pink themed 30th birthday party! We are all awful party planners and kept having to venture out to pick up items we kept forgetting, but we had pre-gaming together! 15 minutes before Lesley was set to arrive we were running around like crazy on the finishing touches. Lesley and Ryan pulled up as Victoria and I were hanging decorations outside.

We did the typical "Happy Birthday" hoopla when Lesley walked in of course.
Lesley insisted on showing us the pictures that her and Ryan had of their adventures.
While going through them we noticed that Ryan was down on one knee in one of them and we was holding open a box in another. We all thought it was a joke, because Lesley had said that she never wanted to get married. We kept asking what Ryan was doing and if it was a joke. It wasn't! We all got super excited about the engagement once we realized it wasn't a joke. 
Alli then texted her sister to pick up the food that we had forgotten to pick up for dinner.

We played circle of death to get our buzzes going and out of nowhere I see two cops and drug dog run past the window into Lesley and Ryan's backyard. 
Not many people can say they had the cops and a drug dog show up to their 30th birthday party.
Ryan went to go check out the situation and found it they were looking for a guy with dreadlocks who was on the run.
We then headed to the porch to take pictures of the ladies dressed in pink, because that's what you do when a criminal is on the loose in your neighborhood.!
I can only imagine what the neighbors and/or cops were thinking as we hammed it up for the camera outside. 

Lesley's parents then made a surprise visit!
I remember someone shouting, "Lesley, your parents are here." and a look of panic spread across Lesley's face. Somethings never change. In that moment I felt like 16 year old Lesley came out and her parents caught her throwing a party. I was geeking out inside. 
They are super christian people and Lesley is the black sheep of the family. 
I could tell that they were judging all of us, but I feel like we pretended to be sober very well. 

When it got dark we went skinny dipping in the super tiny inflatable pool. 
Ryan hooked up a nose to their hot water heater and was spraying us to keep us warm. 
All of a sudden their neighbor came home and his car lights exposed a bunch of drunk naked people in a pool. Oops!

While sitting around the bonfire, after our night swim, I found myself getting super hot.
I found a license plate and started fanning myself.
I carried that thing with me the rest of the night!
Alli, Erin, and I were the last ones up at the end of the night.
Erin and Alli were going to walk home and I decided to join them with my fan.
We got to Alli's house and recapped our night.
We settled into her couch and watched the season 2 finale of The Handmaid's Tale!
At 5:30, Alli and Erin headed to bed and I attempted to sleep until they woke up around 10.

The next morning we walked back to Lesley's and met up with everyone else.
We pieced together the previous night together. The majority of us browned out at some point, which I blame on the pink panty droppers we were all drinking. Lesley headed to a hair appointment, while Alli, Victoria, and I got brunch/bloody marys. We were a surprisingly lively bunch for the amount of alcohol we consumed hours before and the lack of sleep. I left the ladies to go take a shower and finish up some homework. I then rejoined them for some day drinking and an art show. My body was not pleased with me by the end of the night!

This is 30. 
I have no doubt in my mind that Lesley is going to rock at being 30.
She wasted no time chasing her dreams in her 20's and I can only imagine what she is going to accomplish in her new decade.

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